Interview: Daniel Garber talks with Ivan Cotroneo about his new film Kryptonite!

Posted in 1970s, comedy, Coming of Age, Cultural Mining, Drama, Italy, Movies, Toronto by on July 6, 2012 Cotroneo is a noted scriptwriter, novelist and translator, originally from Naples, whose first movie (as a director) Kryptonite! recently played at Toronto’s Italian Contemporary Film Festival. Kryptonite! is a coming-of-age drama about an innocent 9-year-old boy from a dysfunctional family in Naples in the 1970’s, who is thrown into the counterculture there by his young aunt and uncle.

I spoke with Ivan in detail about his new film (by telephone in Toronto).

Interview: Daniel Garber talks to Monica Nappo about her new films Kryptonite and To Rome With Love

Posted in 1970s, Acting, comedy, Cultural Mining, Italy, Movies, UK by on July 5, 2012

Toronto’s recent Italian Contemporary Film Festival showed a number of notable films including its opening night feature, Ivan Cotroneo’s Kryptonite!, and its closing film, Woody Allen’s To Rome, with Love.

But only one person appears in both of those films — noted Naples-born, London-based Italian film and theatrical actress Monica Nappo. I spoke with her by telephone in Toronto about working with two very different directors, the parts she plays in both movies, her acting style, her influences, her background as a stand up comic… and her experience with butoh!

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